We provide the finest products domestically and internationally.

With our vast array of LED applications we can supply all of your lighting needs. Wesled Distributors works with you to develop the best lighting plan using state of the art simulation software to ensure 100% customer satisfaction in replacing your old incandescent, fluorescent or H.I.D. fixtures with high-efficiency LED retro-fits and luminaries.  Upgrading to quality LED’s will lower your lighting energy cost 50% to 90% and operate for many years longer than traditional light sources without service, equals more savings.

How We can help with your next project!

Our site inspector will complete a survey to reconstruct your building, stadium, parking lot, virtually any area in our advanced light simulation program. Our software technology leaves nothing to guess work or chance, allowing us to produce a 3D CAD drawing. This drawing will insure the proper lighting levels are achieved, as well as allowing the client to visualize the finished results.

We show you how LED lighting will pay for itself every month from energy & maintenance savings!

When it comes to your monthly savings our patented Energy Savings Analysis software will calculate the energy usage, maintenance and C02 carbon-footprint to be realized with LED lighting. The time to get started is now! With many of the LEDs in our proposals already in stock we can get your LED upgrade started quickly and efficiently! Call us today and We will show you the way forward with LED lighting technology.


When you contact us with a question, you’ll speak directly with one of our knowledgeable US representatives. We take the time to understand your project and show you your options so you can choose the right solution and understand how it fits together. We’re happy to walk you through an installation or troubleshoot a hiccup months down the line.


We developed our extensive product line to be compliant with industry standards, so you can be sure that you are offering your customers a safe product that is built to last. Our products are backed with a warranty of up to five years, and engineered to provide up to 50,000 hours of consistent performance.


An account manager with expertise in your industry will create a customized portfolio based on your business needs. We offer an array of services from product customization to vendor-managed inventory of your LED supply for smooth project development and implementation.


Whether you are starting a new project or you need product support down the line, we are here to help you every step of the way. Our dedicated account managers, tech support, and customer service teams provide a comprehensive experience, so you get personal, calculated and consistent support for your LED commercial lighting project.


We combine our industry knowledge and expansive product line to create stylish, energy-efficient, code compliant lighting solutions for you and your client. When you partner with us, you’ll get LED solutions that fit your project from an Account Manager that understands your business.


Besides being part of an internationally recognized brand, Wesled Distributors has many years of combined experience in R&D, product application and LED lighting product knowledge. Through our strategic partnerships around the World we offer a huge selection of products to our customers at great prices!


We combine our industry knowledge and expansive product line to create stylish, energy-efficient, code compliant lighting solutions for you and your client. When you partner with us, you’ll get LED solutions that fit your project from an experiences and knowledgeable Account Manager that will understand your energy needs.

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WHY Wesled Distributors?

Several fully stocked warehouses we guarantee a fast shipment, delivering top quality LED lighting products nationwide and internationally. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal!


  • We offer top of the line, cutting-edge lighting technology.
  • We offer energy efficient products from LED lights to solar panels and accessories.
  •  We offer discounted wholesale pricing for electrical and dealer sales.
  • We are a leading supplier in LED lighting with over 10 years in the industry.
  • We stock many top quality commercial and residential products.
  • We provide sales support, resources and innovative tools including customized lighting control intelligence software and hardware.

OUR Wesled Team

  • Jerry Hopper
    Regional Sales Manager
  • Kristen Mayorga
    Project Coordinator
  • Ashley Walker
  • Arturo Mayorga
    International Business Director
  • Ronna Steadler
    Regional Sales Manager


  • “I am pleased to recommend Wesled as a reliable, competent company from whom we’ve purchased products which have been proven. I expect to continue to do business with the company and to have continued success.”

    Toyota Center

  • “I am giving this recommendation letter in good faith to our business partner as a result of their exceptional performance in providing LED lighting for our parking facility. Wesled supplied the LED fixtures for a lighting upgrade to one of the parking facilities I am responsible for.   Their team successfully delivered the products and services for the lighting upgrade. Given my experience with this team, I am happy to recommend them as a supplier of LED products and services.”

    Chi St. Lukes Hospital

  • “Goldstone Exterior Services has found Wesled to be dependable, skilled, and quite knowledgeable when it comes to high quality LED lighting. They deliver an excellent product as promised and in a professional manner which has kept our clients asking for more. We look forward to years of successful business with Wesled”.


  • “We replaced our 1000 watt metal halide fixtures on the lot of the dealership.  Not only do the new LED fixtures outperform the original fixtures, they given us much better light quality that makes our auto inventory really pop. The best part is they also lowered our energy usage saving us over $1000 a month to operate the outside parking lot!  The entire Wesled team was very professional, extremely knowledgeable and made the entire process easy.
    We’re very impressed and pleased to recommend Wesled, their products and are looking forward to working with them in the future!”

    Lexus of South Atlanta



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