The 200 watt Green Marine Underwater LED Lighting Fixture is the highest output, most advanced LED fixture currently on the market today for underwater illumination for 12VDC.

Can be used up to 30 meters below the water surface. It works very well in salt or fresh water and permanent dock applications.
LED Efficiency: 130-160 lm/w

The green wavelengths are most prevalent in ponds and lakes while the blue is normally used in oceanic salt water.

The green part of the spectrum is known as the "attraction spectrum" which makes it the perfect solution for the underwater fishing enthusiast.

Included in package:

1 marine Light fixture 

1 marine-grade orange electrical cable 

1 metal dock cable for buoy and fixture for easy retrieval 

2 click-lock aluminum hooks 

Installation manuel 

*Securing anchor not included. Metal cable for securing to dock through anchor to fixture for submerging and emerging to the water surface for easy retrievel from dock when anchored to the water source floor, optional equipment "Add-ons". 

*Ocean water applications require Salt Water Upgrade, optional equipment "Add-ons". (This upgrade applies to all "Add-ons" and light fixture.) 

*Patent pending

Our underwater LED fixtures are a long term, long life underwater solution compared to the green underwater halogens of older technologies.

Product Details
LED Power 200w
Luminous flux 26,000lm
Replaces 800 watt metal halide
Input Voltage 100-240VAC | 12VDC
Material Lens +Aluminum + Stainless Steel 316 + PC
Color Temperature Green | White | RGB multi-color control
Light efficiency 130-160lm/w
Wavelength 500Nm (Green)
CRI 85Ra
Light Angle 360°
Cable Length 30m
IP Code IP68 (waterproof)
IK Code IK01
Working temperature .-20°C~+45°C
Lifetime ≥50,000hrs (driver) | ≥100,000hrs (LED)
Product Size ø160*435mm
Weight 15.15kg
Packing Size 280 x 280 x 530mm
Power Supply Meanwell driver (external)
Equipped Marine grade power cable (Orange)

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200w Green Marine Underwater LED Lighting Fixture | AC or DC Input

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