LED Plant Life Stem & Flowering Light Fixture PG46HPS

 Replaces high pressure sodium HPS

 For Stem Growth & Flowering

 Efficiency: 150-165 lm/w., 200, 300 watt (mixed spectrum only), 400, 500 watt (solid spectrum only)
 Lens: Optical grade PC, anti-UV oxidation.
 Beam Angle: 25, 40, 60, 100
 Housing: high performance iron plate stamping housing, high strength and antioxidant.
 Input voltage: 100-277 VAC  50/60 HZ, 347-480VAC
 LED module can be dismantled separately for maintenance.
 LED driver: constant current, efficiency is up to 92%,
 IP class: IP 65 (module), 5 yr manufacturers limited warranty.
 Controlled by manual dial and rocker switche or 0-10vac dimmable.
 ZigBee controls are available with digital and WiFi controls the fixture(s) for precise timing and automation (optional).
 Used for plants, vegetables, flowers, herbs, any kind of plant life.

 The most important wavelengths in the red spectrum are from 640 to 680 nm. These wavelengths encourage stem growth, flowering and fruit production, and chlorophyll production.  The red wavelengths are known as warm light and they are naturally more prevalent in sunlight during the shorter days of fall and winter.  Wavelengths in the red and blue spectrum  are absorbed in greater amounts while more green and yellow light is reflected, giving the leaves their characteristic green color. For this reason, growers relying on artificial plant  lighting concentrate on the blue and red parts of the spectrum.

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LED Plant Stem & Flowering Light Fixture PG46HPS

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