Light is amazing. Not only is the light-bulb the international symbol for ideas and innovation, but lighting is one of mankind’s earliest technologies and most widely used inventions. We all are interested in environmental considerations and energy-consciousness. The green effort of your business shines! As a business leader you can promote your good stewardship by making the change to environmentally energy conscious. LED Lights, solar solutions and recycling of old technologies can help you do just that. Most of all, saving energy is good for your bottom line!

Yes, we offer product sourcing services for LED lighting products such as LED street lighting, outdoor LED illumination systems controls, architectural explosion proof for mining, stadium & sports fields, specialty residential applications, plant life grow lighting, and all other LED solutions.

With many years of experience in international product sourcing and purchasing, quality control and supply chain management. We are an ideal partner to help you or your company to source and purchase the LED lighting products that you are targeting to buy wholesale from certified OEM manufacturers and suppliers.

For more information on our LED product sourcing services, or if you want to submit a request for an OEM service quotation please feel free to contact a member of our team here.

There is only a very small amount of mercury in CFLs and absolutely no mercury is released when the bulb is intact. Additionally, the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that ten times as much mercury will be emitted by the coal-fired power plants that make the extra electricity needed for an inefficient incandescent bulb than would escape from a CFL in a landfill. There’s just a tiny fraction of human-caused mercury emissions from CFLs – about 0.1%.

Consumers Union even says, “CFLs save between two and ten times more mercury from the environment than is used in the bulb- their efficiency avoids mercury pollution that would otherwise be emitted from coal-fired power plants.”

The color temperature of efficient light bulbs has been made to emulate the same colors as traditional incandescents. The color appearances you’ll see with energy-efficient bulbs include warm white, soft white, cool white, bright white, and natural or daylight.

While energy-efficient light bulbs may be more expensive compared to inefficient incandescents, they more than make up for those prices in lifetime energy and maintenance savings.

The price you pay for old incandescent bulbs can be deceiving. Though it only costs about 50 cents to purchase the traditional bulbs, it costs over $7 a year to operate. But if you buy a halogen incandescent for $1.50 – you save about $3 over the lifetime. You get even greater savings if you buy a CFL in a multi-pack for $2.00 or less – saving up to $50 over the lifetime. Plus, LEDs will save you tons of money over their long, 25-year lifetime, especially when the volume of sales go up and the initial purchase price decreases.

Additionally, since lighting accounts for approximately 12% of the average household’s energy bill, more energy-efficient options will help consumers save money on utility bills.

Families can save between $50 and more than $100 a year by changing their bulbs.

Plus, there are more than 4 billion screw-based sockets in the U.S., which adds up to bill savings of more than $10 billion per year.

Yes, we do offer a wholesale pricing.  Contact us to request our inventory list and pricing.

You can pay via online www.wesled.com website through our secured SSL gateway.  We accept all major credit cards, company check or via bank transfer. As soon as your payment has been received we will start to process your order, and you’ll get notified with a digital copy of your invoice as to confirm receipt of your payment. For any other payment related questions please feel free to contact our sales team!

Yes, we’re happy to assist you in finding the correct application for your site or location.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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Yes, we do have a Privacy Policy and we do take your privacy serious! Yes, we have a Privacy Policy and take action to protect your Online privacy. We at Wesled Distributors take our customers privacy very seriously, and we only use the information collected to provide our services, such as using your shipping address to deliver your consignment via courier service.

Upon receiving your payment, your wholesale LED lighting order will be processed by us immediately. Your order will usually pass final quality control and be ready for dispatch via Fedex, UPS or DHL within 3-5 working days.

Note that large volumes orders of several thousand units may take additional time in production, and in cases of large volume wholesale orders you may want to discuss your detailed delivery schedule with your Wesled account manager so that we can make sure to meet your timeline.

Express delivery via FedEx, UPS or DHL is fast and convenient and usually takes 7-10 days only to all main worldwide destinations. Also, you can conveniently track your LED wholesale order Online by using the DHL tracking number that you’ll get in your notification email once your consignment is out for dispatch.

Yes, once your LED wholesale order has passed final quality control and is out for dispatch via express delivery by FedEx, DHL or UPS you will get notified with the tracking number via email so that you can conveniently track your consignment Online. Both FedEx, UPS and DHL offer online tracking services with close to real-time tracking of consignments.

You will also be able to check the status of your order by viewing your Order History where you’ll find a detailed overview of both your past and your current orders:

Any update of your status will reflect also in your Order History and our system will send out automatic notification emails whenever your order status gets updated.

You’ll need to fill out the RMA form and contact your account manager. We take great pride in our high quality standards, and we continuously improve our quality management by integrating quality control into all our business processes.

In the unlikely event that one of our products should prove to be not working correctly, you may want to return the product in order to get a refund or replacement. Before you can return a product you will need to apply for a so-called Return Merchandise Authorization or RMA number and then return the products to us according to our warranty and return policy. It’s easy:

You can apply for a RMA number by filling out our Online form for Return Merchandise Authorization and you’ll get a RMA number you can use to return the product. Your returns should be discussed with your Wesled account manager in advance, so that you can make sure that your RMA is returned with the correct paperwork.

Yes, we offer 5 years manufactures limited warranty for most LED products! All Wesled lighting products are covered by 5 years manufacturer warranty and quality guarantee unless otherwise stated in writing with the corresponding product information. LED Quality Assurance Guarantee as a result of our continuous efforts to improve quality management, less than .001% of all orders are subject to warranty related returns, and because of this all our LED lighting products are covered by 5 years quality guarantee unless otherwise stated.

Ask about our Premium products with a 10 year manufacturer limited warranty.

Please note that returns must be discussed with your Customer Support in advance, and authorized by your account manager so they are sent with the correct paperwork. We can only accept returns with a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA#).

It’s easy to receive a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA#) – all you need to do is to fill out our RMA form or contact your Wesled Distributor account manager who will be glad help you out with more information and detailed instructions on how to easily return your products to us for further inspection.


The Most Increasingly Efficient

LED lighting is one of the most increasingly efficient, reliable, and durable lighting technologies available in today’s commercial lighting market.

LED Specifications & Parameters

There is a variety of different LED specifications, each of which will have an effect on the choice of the particular LED used. With such a variety of different LEDs available, the LED specifications cane be matched to the requirements for the particular application rather than having to make do.

Environmentally Friendly

Since LED lighting consumes a marginal amount of energy, LEDs greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, its superior durability results in minimal production and dumping costs in comparison to CFLs.

LED Light Bulbs Are Energy Efficient

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, LED lights use about 25%-80% less electricity and lasts up to 25 times longer than traditional compact fluorescent lamps or CFLs. As the LED package becomes more efficient CFL technology over the next several years will become virtually obsolete.

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